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About Us

Here at Olive Branch, we are family owned and operated, deeply rooted in Jesus Christ.

Our talented team works hard to help people create an abundance of fresh food, water, soil and air for generations to come,

  We customize our services based on specific needs, so get in touch today we can get you on track to

sustainable living!

Regardless of your role in sustainable food production,
our mission is to help you succeed
We provide data-driven design, research, and strategy services to farmers, innovators, investors, and corporations.

Bob Rider and his son Weston Rider are our Aquaponics experts they have spent over 16 years perfecting these systems through research and development.


As a young man Bob has had a calling on his life to feed God's people, in pursuit of that calling he has gone to Kenya, and Rwanda Africa installing these systems to feed the people. 


Bobs need to eat healthier was dramatically increased when he found out he had to have a Kidney transplant.

After over 700 days of dialysis, multiple cancers, countless rounds of radiation on his head and more than a few surgeries a few Heart attacks, and open-heart surgery, he is back to chasing that calling God placed on his life so long ago.

The Future of the Earth Depends on Farmers

Collectively we can restore our soil, water, and air while growing the highest quality food in the world using regenerative agriculture / aquaculture in and out of controlled environments..

Why Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a way to escape the supermarket food monopoly, the pesticides, GMO's, and on top of all this,

save money! ​

food security, in these uncertain times the need to be self-reliant is becoming more and more essential. There are many reasons such as natural disasters, pandemics and terrorist attacks that could wipe out your food supply in an instant but when you have your own reliable food source in your very own backyard you can be sure to survive any food shortage that might happen.

 There are many advantages to using an Aquaponic system, such as all the benefits from eating healthy organic food. Organic food has been proven to contain more micro-nutrients, providing more energy and allowing for a better night sleep! Not to mention organic food taste much better.

NO more weeding! Grow beds are placed high off the ground where weeds can't spread.

NO more watering! How's this for a bonus you don't even have to water your aquaponics garden!

NO more dirt! This means there is nothing to till, plow, hoe, or rake! Happy days!

NO more manure! Because this system works without the use of soil there is no need to add fertilizer because the fish do it automatically! Excess waste from the system may also be used as a compost amendment to enrich your outside soils.

NO soil born pests or diseases! The need for dangerous pesticides and chemicals is eliminated, because there is no soil and the grow beds are off the ground!

How Does Aquaponics Work?

In a nutshell Aquaponics is creating a mini ecosystem in your backyard. Aquaponics is the combination of aqua culture which is raising aquatic animals such as fish, and hydroponics which is growing plants without soil.

Here is how it works; fish waste is recycled into nitrates; nitrates are natural fertilizers for the plants that helps them grow faster, the plants then clean the water that is then returned to the fish.  Everything runs in harmony because it works just like nature!

Aquaponics is the best of all growing methods! It combines the natural ecosystems of both fish and plants to work together symbiotically in a natural benefit to one another!


We have installed many systems at schools for classrooms to use.  Aquaponics as a great way to learn about ecosystems, agriculture, aquaculture, chemistry, and farming vegetables, all while providing fresh vegetables in the lunchroom!

Our services


Designed to further the knowledge of the farmer, these workshops are suited for public entities, educational institutions, or individuals looking to explore aquaponics and urban agriculture.



Management Services

Olive Branch Aquaponics was built upon the foundation of helping farmers grow, feed themselves and others. Regardless of the scale of operations, we aim to provide all growers with the knowledge, tools, and resources to manage their greenhouse and business profitably. We offer full or partial management, Water testing services, nutrient monitoring, plant and fish management, harvesting, processing services and more!

Greenhouse and Farm Design

When designing a new farm, it’s crucial to ensure that the end result functions as expected. We walk you through key decisions relating to regenerative farming, aquaponics, inputs, exports, soil regeneration and more!


OBA can provide clients with customized research built upon the foundation of our 15plus years of research and development!

Project Planning and Feasibility

No matter what you grow, we are here to help you. Urban ag and controlled environments have exciting possibilities for sustainable and regenerative farming, many fail because of unrealistic goals, commitment to under-researched data, or reliance on unreliable companies. Our team works endlessly to prepare you for a successful future.


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7am-4pm Saturday

Closed Sunday

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