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About Us

At Olive Branch, we are a family-owned and operated business deeply rooted in Jesus Christ.

Our dedicated team strives to assist people in creating a sustainable future with an abundance of fresh food, water, soil and knowledge, for generations to come.

We tailor our services to meet specific needs, so reach out today to start your journey towards sustainable living!

Whether you're involved in sustainable food production or not, our mission is to support your success. We offer data-driven design, research, and strategy services to farmers, innovators, investors, and individuals.

As a young man Bob has had a calling on his life to feed God's people, in pursuit of that calling he has gone to Kenya, and Rwanda Africa installing these systems to feed the people. 


Our team

Bob Rider and Son, Weston Rider, our seasoned Aquaponics experts, have dedicated over 16 years to perfecting these systems through rigorous research and development. In 2019, Casey Hoover joined them, playing a pivotal role in bringing this dream to life by managing the online aspects of the business and overseeing operations behind the scenes. Their collaboration has been instrumental in the overall success of our endeavors.

In2021, Patrick Carhart became an integral part of the team, offering valuable research insights and drawing from his life experiences. His unique perspective has added depth to our approach and strategies.

The year 2022 marked the inclusion of Josh and Tearria Sanders to our team. Their expertise in regenerative farming and microbial research has been a significant asset, contributing to the diversification of knowledge within the organization.

Continuing the trend of growth, 2023 welcomed Isaac Hudelson to our team. With a strong work ethic and extensive knowledge in plant and regenerative farming, Isaac has become an integral part of our collective efforts.


Together, this dynamic team is committed to advancing our mission and embracing sustainable practices in aquaponics.






The Future of the Earth Depends on Farmers

Collectively we can restore our soil, water, and air while growing the highest quality food in the world using regenerative agriculture / aquaculture in and out of controlled environments..

Why Aquaponics

For us our aquaponics system is the


Providing an escape from supermarket monopolies, pesticides, and GMOs, while saving money.

It ensures food security, especially in uncertain times, offering a reliable backyard food source.

Some advantages of Aquaponics:

  • No more weeding, watering, tilling, back breaking digging or pulling rows.

  • Organic food with more micro-nutrients for better energy and sleep.

  • Grow beds elevated to prevent weed spread!

  • Watering is unnecessary as the system is self-sustaining.

  • No need for soil or fertilizers; fish waste naturally enriches the system.

  • Elimination of soil-borne pests and diseases, reducing the need for harmful chemicals.

How Does Aquaponics Work?

In a nutshell Aquaponics is creating a mini ecosystem in your backyard. Aquaponics is the combination of aqua culture which is raising aquatic animals such as fish, and hydroponics which is growing plants without soil.

Here is how it works; fish waste is recycled into nitrates; nitrates are natural fertilizers for the plants that helps them grow faster, the plants then clean the water that is then returned to the fish.  Everything runs in harmony because it works just like nature!

Aquaponics is the best of all growing methods! It combines the natural ecosystems of both fish and plants to work together naturally benefiting one another!

We've implemented numerous systems in schools, specifically designed for classroom use. Aquaponics serves as an excellent educational tool, offering hands-on experience into ecosystems, agriculture, aquaculture, chemistry, and vegetable farming. Not only does it facilitate learning, but it also provides fresh vegetables directly to the school's lunchroom, creating a holistic educational and sustainable impact.

Some of our services


Designed to further the knowledge of the farmer, these workshops are suited for public entities, educational institutions, or individuals looking to explore aquaponics and urban agriculture.



We manufacture all of our greenhouses to order! We utilize a tubing bender to shape two-inch steel tubing, crafting custom greenhouse frames. Our choice of rigid polycarbonate sheeting ensures durability and functionality. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment, enhancing efficiency to create a greenhouse environment that's not only functional but also comfortable for optimal usability.

 Aquaponics systems

We custom fit Aquaponics systems to your space whether you get one of our greenhouses or you have another space in mind, we are here to help you grow big!

Plant production

We are a registered plant Nursery! we offer many different types of plants, medicinal herbs, traditional/nontraditional garden plants, trees, elderberry, hard to find varieties and much more!


Management Services

Olive Branch Aquaponics was built upon the foundation of helping farmers grow, feed themselves and others. Regardless of the scale of operations, we aim to provide all growers with the knowledge, tools, and resources to manage their greenhouse and business profitably. We offer full or partial management, Water testing services, nutrient monitoring, plant and fish management, harvesting, processing services and more!

Greenhouse and Farm Design

When designing a new farm, it’s crucial to ensure that the end result functions as expected. We walk you through key decisions relating to regenerative farming, aquaponics, inputs, exports, soil regeneration and more!

Immersive 3D Modeling: We utilize SketchUp's advanced 3D modeling capabilities to visually bring your homestead ideas to life, providing a realistic preview of your vision.

Research & Development

Benefiting from over 16 years of extensive research and development, we offer clients personalized research services. Our cutting-edge laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art tools, including a high-powered microscope, liquid nitrogen, a -40-degree freezer, and various other advanced lab equipment. 

Project Planning and Feasibility 

No matter what you grow, we are here to help you. Urban ag and controlled environments have exciting possibilities for sustainable and regenerative farming, many fail because of unrealistic goals, commitment to under-researched data, or reliance on unreliable companies. Our team works endlessly to prepare you for a successful future.

Survival food garden plots available

Limited plots – message us today!

Do you dream of having a garden but lack the space? Our garden plots are designed for self-reliance and cultivating your own food for survival.

Key Features:

  • Weekly tiller usage for robust soil preparation.

  • Dedicated water source with organic liquid fertilizer infusion.

  • Convenient access to plant starts in our on-site greenhouse.

Lot Options:

  • 2500 ft.² at $0.16 per sq.ft./month

  • 1250 ft.² at $0.20 per sq.ft./month

  • 625 ft.² at $0.25 per sq.ft./month

Tool Storage:

  • Secure your tools in provided lockers for easy access.

  • Gates locked overnight for security.

Community Resilience:

  • Join a community of like-minded individuals focused on self-sufficiency.

  • This community has a network of local farmers producing things like goat's milk, cow's milk, eggs, meat, homemade products and everything homestead, come be a part of this family!



















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